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Pendulum Intro&Rules Empty Pendulum Intro&Rules

Post  Antihero on Thu Mar 19, 2009 3:06 pm

Pendulum is a guild with main focus on group PvPing. Most of our members come from Lost City server and our main goal is to enjoy ourselves. Restricting members is something we try to avoid as much as possible. Due to total chaos in an anarchic guild we've implemented some rules, which we expect all our members to follow.

#1. Killing players is welcomed, but only kill players who are on our KoS list.
#2. Using Ventrilo is a requirement for joining this guild, due to our PvP nature. You are not expected to talk in Ventrilo, but we expect you to listen and act according to you squad leaders' orders when we do group PvP. You can download Ventrilo client @ .
#3. If you have a problem with someone in the guild or someone not on our KoS list, contact Antihero. If he is not online write him a mail through the PWi mail system.
#4. The leader's orders and decisions are final and you are expected to follow them.
#5. Helping guildies is something we try to promote as much as possible. If you have any equipment or molds you no longer need and someone else can use, please pass it down to them. When they have outleveled the item they are expected to return it to its original owner. If you recieved a molder item on an FB run and it was given to you on the "most needed" rule, you must pass it down within the guild, free of charge. All other donations are an act of courtesy and are appreciated, but this is an expectation.

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